Kids From the Internet Who Probably Have Parents Who Don't Love Them (9 Photos)

1.) No mom could ever kiss this face. That's pretty obvious, right?

2.) Bullies hate dweebs. And so do dads.

3.) That's right, kid. No more Santa. No more presents. And No more Goddamn Christmas. 

4.) Overalls are made for nerds who have parents that are "getting real sick and tired of all the bullshit."

5.) Any mother who lets her child have a bowl cut would also not care if he ran away and never came back.

6.) Every time she rolls her eyes, her parents slip deeper into their safe haven of alcoholism.

7.) This kid's older brother sells pills at the local community college.

8.) The Exorcist lady had a kid. And this is her. This is the face of someone who will never get hugged.

9.) This kid's already killed people.  And his hair is gelled. Two very good reasons why his parents definitely love his sister way more.

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