*SPOILER ALERT* We Know Where Luke Skywalker is!

Ever since the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out, everyone has been asking the same question. "Where is Luke Skywalker?"  Well we've done some research, and the results are shocking​!

In the Star Wars Universe, the Force controls everything, so it's no surprise that Luke has been experimenting with it all these years trying to unlock new secrets and stronger powers.  He thought he had exhausted all angles to become stronger in the Force, until he thought back to his youth.  Luke Skywalker was a moisture farmer.  Yep. You guessed it.  Moisture.  Suddenly it hit him like a damp rag. All the Force he had been dealing with was too dry!  He quickly returned home to grab his old moisture vaporator and did some tests.  Sure enough, he found that the more moist his Force was, the stronger and easier it was for him to perform and control.  We posted yesterday about the Star Wars trailer being MOISTed.  We did not know why or how, but now it makes perfect sense.  The Force has awakened, and Moisture is the cause. (PICTURED EFT: Luke Running Moisture Tests on the Farm)


Go check out Star Wars this weekend to find out more!



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