Moist Mentions: Fool Moon's Life Changer Calzone

Are you tired of waking up in the morning and thinking, "I'm tired of all the same old crap"? Have you ever thought, "I need something new, and something needs to change"? Well, Fool Moon's Life Changer Calzone might be exactly what you need.
​We've all been there.  Going through the same, boring routine day in and day out. People dream big, but very few people actually act on those dreams.  They're all waiting, thinking, "Oh man, what I would do if I had a million dollars," or "I want a better job, but at least this one is stable." How boring!  If you're looking to change your life, don't do it the hard and probably unlikely way, do it the quick, easy, and lazy way like you're used to. Go to Fool Moon and get a Life Changer Calzone.                                          

People have been swarming into Fool Moon from all over the world to try this delicious calzone to see what kind of change it will bring to their boring, static lives.  We had to hear it to believe it, but the success stories have been amazing.

     "I was working in the mail room of a Fortune 500 company. I went and ate a Life Changer Calzone and now I am the CEO of that company."  
​                                                                                             -Steve, a CEO

     "I was overweight and unhappy.  All I wanted was to be skinny.  I went and ate my Life Changer [Calzone] and lost 30 pounds over the next 3 months. I feel great!"  
​                                                                                             -Don, kinda skinny now

     "I went and ate MY Life Changer and immediately went and bought a lottery ticket.  I didn't win, but I met my wife in the gas station checkout line. If you ask me, that's almost as good as the lottery."                                                              
​                                                                                             -Bryan, a Newlywed
Those are just three of the major success stories we've heard.  There are more, sure, but we didn't think you'd believe us if we told you about Sally, the girl whose lifelong dream was to become The Little Mermaid (she was unavailable for a quote).
So what's in it, you ask?  For something to be so powerful as to change someone's life, it must take the perfect combination of ingredients, right?  Well, here they are:


Moist Chicken 
Banana Peppers
Hot Sauce
Sun-Dried Sauce 
Indian-style Flatbread

Price (includes side):
So there you have it.  Instead of buying a lottery ticket over and over and waiting for such an unlikely outcome, go and buy a Life Changer Calzone for $8. Then see what happens. The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and when you do, tell them MoistMyTown sent you.
  Fool Moon's Life Changer Calzone:

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