34 New Meaningless Sayings To Start Sprinkling into Small Talk

Here's an extensive list of confusing, nonsensical phrases to start peppering into every single conversation.

When delivered confidently in a social setting, there's a great chance you'll convince a couple strangers to assume that these hybrid, worthless sayings are potentially meaningful. They're not.

Every road has its thorn

Early bird gets the word

Ants up your sleeve

Bark up the wrong side of the bed

Bells and whiskers

Yanking your goat

Tweaking your chain

Birds of a feather are worth two in the bush

Let the cats fall where they may

A gravy train in a china shop

Cool as a door nail

Up a creek without a nut to crack

Like trying to find a needle in a can of worms

The wrong side of the camel’s back

Like two bulls in a pod

Take the snake by the horns

Down in the clouds

Burn the midnight bacon

Cat got your chicken?

Pull all your eggs out of a hat

Cry over spilled elbow grease 

Kill two birds before the storm 

Sick as a dog in sheep's clothing 

Can't teach an old dog to skin a cat

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw cats and dogs 

At the drop of a fiddle 

Light at the end of the molehill

Out of sight, out of the driver's seat

Chip off the ol' iceberg 

Have a bone to pick with the other cheek 

Keep your fingers in the clouds 

The blind leading the bandwagon 

Mad as a mouse 

Bite off more than a baker's dozen 

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