A Rotten Plots Playthrough with Pint O' Comics

Rotten Plots Playthrough Pint O' Comics

Our friends at Pint O’ Comics graciously recorded a playthrough for Rotten Plots, our obscene movie-making party game.

Want to hear a pitch for a Western film about a lustful nun who gives people AIDS on purpose?

How about a Documentary in which a cock-stroking champion beats up orphans in the presence of Santa Claus?

Or what about a Horror film where a man with daddy issues must masturbate against the clock before a goblin with a boner does something terrifying on a public bus?

This incredible episode contains powerful, compelling pitches for all these rotten plots (and many more).


To sum up their review, we feel they’d approve of us using what is undoubtedly their most profound and accurate statement:

“There’s a lot of masturbating in this game.”



So, should Hollywood slap a multi-million dollar budget on these genre-defying blockbuster plots? We think it’s an obvious and resounding “Yes.” If you agree with us, who would you cast in these instantly-classic, career-defining roles?  

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