"Alien Abduction Beam" Shoe Damage Not Covered Under The Reef.com Guarantee

Reef.com Guarantee

It seems as though another company enjoys making fun of extraterrestrials just as much as we do. That company is Reef.com, and no, they didn't pay us to talk about them. We simply skimmed their "guarantee" page and found the one line in their entire site that they didn't expect anyone to read.

So. Do you know anyone who shops at Reef.com? If so, you better make sure they watch out for UFOs. According to their guarantee policy, color damage caused by "alien abduction beams" is absolutely not covered.

Just to prove we aren't liars, here's a screenshot of the area we're referring to:

Reef Guarantee


So now you know that when you buy high-end flip flops from Reef.com, it's basically a guarantee that you'll get abducted by aliens. It's also guaranteed that the shoes you just bought will be totally ruined by extraterrestrial abduction beams. However, one thing that's absolutely not guaranteed is a refund.