Pizzaface: An Artist Interview

Pizzaface: An Artist Interview

We were dying to know a few things about Pizzaface, the Evansville artist. So we asked her a few questions about her art, about her upcoming convention schedule, and about her favorite type of frozen pizza. 


What’s your favorite monster to draw? Have you ever seen it real life?

My favorite monster to draw is definitely the Gillman and I’ve seen an axolotl in real life… so basically.


How many detentions did you get in grade school for drawing all over your textbooks?

I really did get in trouble more than once for drawing and doodling instead of paying attention. No detention but the most traumatizing incident was a time I was secretly drawing a new Powerpuff girl in my 6th grade math class and the teacher called me out, made me bring the drawing to her desk, and then she threw it away.


What’s your favorite monster? Is there any kind of deep-seeded romantic connection between you two that you’d like to discuss publicly?

My favorite monster boy also happens to be the Gillman a.k.a. The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Our romantic connection was made into an award-winning movie recently and I’m really quite proud of del Toro’s treatment of our story. You know the one.


How tall is Bigfoot, really?

Some people will tell you ~7+ feet tall but really he’s not that big when you see him up close. You’d have to talk to my sister for his actual height though. She knows him real well.

Sister Married Bigfoot

Where will Pizzaface set up shop this year? Conventions? Trade shows? Villain Lairs?

I have a lot in the works this year!

  • Free Comic Book Day    May 5   Evansville Comic Quest

  • Indy PopCon    June 8-10   Indianapolis, IN

  • PWHACK Con    July 7-8    Lawrenceville, IL

  • Indiana Toy & Comic Expo   August 26   Bloomington, IL

  • Scarefest    ✦  September 14-16  ✦  Lexington, KY (Baby’s first horror convention! Super-excited to get into this one!)


What kind of items will you be selling at the conventions? If your fans are too lazy or embarrassed to show their faces in public, where can they purchase your goods online?

I sell prints, large and small, buttons, enamel pins, pencil cases, stickers, coloring pages, and custom artwork! My best sellers seem to be the custom pet portraits. 

Couch potatoes, basement-dwellers, and agoraphobes can buy my stuff online OR

Pizzaface Artwork

What’s the weirdest thing anyone has ever asked you to draw?

A custom fursuit design 😳


Who would win In a cage match between Swamp Thing and Wolf Man?

As much as I love them both, Swamp Thing is one of the most powerful dudes in the DC universe, even without his swamp nearby. I think he’d make compost out of the classic, Lon Chaney Jr. Wolf Man. Now, if we’re talking “Astounding Wolf-Man,” maybe the fight would be a little more interesting because, you know… comic characters.


Everyone knows that enamel pins look fantastic on denim. Is that why you created them? Are you a denim lover?

Denim is fantastic. Just ask forever-fly, 2001 Britney and Justin. Imagine all the pins they could have accessorized with! 😱😱

Brittany & J.T. 2001

Is there really such thing as “too much denim”? Why not?

You can never have too much denim. See above. #denimfordays


Would you agree that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best show of all time?

YES. No contest.


What are your future goals for Pizzaface? Wealth, infamy, both, or neither?

FUTURE GOALS: ✅Wealth   ✅Infamy ✅World Domination   ✅Zumba Instructor


What’s your favorite type of cheap, frozen pizza? Is it Jack’s? Please explain why Jack’s pizza is the best cheap, frozen pizza.

This box of 4 [Totino's] pizzas is less than $5 & each 1 cooks in 10 minutes. THIS is the best cheap, frozen pizza. Fight me.

Totino's Pizza is for Losers

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’ve never used a Presto Pizzazz Plus to cook your cheap, frozen Jack’s pizzas. Why are you withholding yourself from culinary perfection? Why are you ignoring what most people would agree is the best invention in decades? Do you need me to buy you one? I seriously just don’t get it.



Is there anything else you’d like to add about Jack’s pizza or about your future endeavors regarding Pizzaface?

You know, I’m glad you asked me more about my favorite cheap, frozen pizza, Totino’s. Did you know they have their own Wikipedia page and Jack’s Frozen Pizza does not? Can you really trust a pizza without its own Wikipedia article?

If you want to know more about Totino’s and their wide range of products, visit:

Wikipedia - Totino's

Totino's Website

If you want to follow what I’m up to, here are all the things:

Pizzaface Logo

Pizzaface Socials \\ 812-250-8055 \\



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