An Interview with an Interviewer: Nathan Boerner, The God of Podcasting

Don't Quit Your Daydream

Don’t Quit Your Daydream, a podcast that's quickly climbing the iTunes charts, interviewed Sam a few months ago, and we wanted to return the favor. So we politely begged Nathan Boerner, a co-host of the show, to answer a few questions we had about the art of interviewing. But why are all the questions about interviewing, you ask? Well, because it’s something he’s great at, and because we’d like to be able to fully understand the intricacies of inquiry ourselves.


1.) What’s the average amount of time you spend browsing an interviewee’s Facebook page before you ask them questions?

NATHAN: Too long. At least 2 hours. Although I have to say the creepiest part of the weekly "social media stalk" is saving anywhere from 5-15 of the person's previously used profile pics on my phone to decide which one would look best for a promo shot. Sometimes I forget to delete their pictures when I'm done and find them saved on my phone again months later, making me remember how much of creeper I am.


2.) If you could interview a notorious historical figure, who would it be, and why did you choose Al Capone?

NATHAN: Ha. First thing I'd ask Capone is "What makes you hate Kevin Costner more? The fact he played your captor Elliot Ness or that he made that dumpster fire Waterworld?" Honestly I would choose Aaron Burr. He's the ultimate slime ball. Lying and cheating his way up to vice president. Plus the interview would most likely end in a duel and that would make for a fun story at parties.


3.) Would you classify a seance as an interview, and what kind of professional experience do you have with talking to the dead?

NATHAN: No lie, we thought about trying one on DQYD when we had a ghost hunter on. The closest Ive come to talking to the dead is yelling "I'm not going in there, fuck you" while playing Resident Evil 7.


4.) Have you ever interviewed anyone while nude? If yes, how did you keep your composure?

NATHAN: No nude interviews but Drew (our sound guy) takes his shirt off during episode intros. It was exciting at first but now I just wish he wouldn't make so much eye contact.


5.) Have you ever punched a guest? If yes, is he/she still alive? If not, where did you bury him/her?

NATHAN: We had a professional wrestler teach us to kick each other (wink). Everyone has an imaginary scenario of what they would do if they killed someone (or maybe I'm just an insane person). I fully realize my laziness would be my undoing. I wont quit a daydream but I'll sure quit the fuck out of digging a hole deeper so I can go back inside to sit on the couch.


6.) Have you ever kissed an interviewee? If so, what was his name, and do you think it solidified your new friendship?

NATHAN: Haha unfortunately these lips have only touched one guest. But that's a moment they'll remember forever.


7.) What kind of questions would you ask a methed-out Chris Angel? Would you ask the same questions to a raged up Steve Buscemi? Please explain.

NATHAN: Both should be approached with extreme caution although Mr. Buscemi would be scarier. Can those eyes bulge out any further? No matter what the answer is, yikes. I guess the questions would have to differ because one looks dead and the other's career is dead.


8.) Is there any question you won’t ask? If so, what is it?

NATHAN: "So how much money do you make from this?" Shits tacky. Who cares if you ever see a dime from doing something you love? If somebody asks how much we make from the podcast, I instantly devalue them in my head.


9.) Do you feel as though we’ve covered the basics of interviewing with this interview? If not, please explain.

NATHAN: I think this about covers it. From this point on if people ask me how to start a podcast, I'm just going to print this interview out and hand it to them. Seriously, there is no right or wrong questions to ask during an interview. The best advice I can offer is ask shit you want to know about. That way even if no one cares at least you got an answer for yourself.


To listen to Nathan's voice in all its glory, check out the Don't Quit Your Daydream website, and go listen to them on iTunes.