AwkWord: An Event Where Sam Will Read Embarrassing & Ridiculous Stuff He Wrote as a Kid


Everyone has a box in their basement somewhere that's stuffed full of weird shit they wrote as a child. It's rare that they get a chance to bust open those boxes and read those stories to an adult audience for the sole purpose of self-humiliation. But now I've been given the chance, and I have to take it.

Sam (me), along with eleven other adults, will be showcasing the crazy and embarrassing material they wrote as youngsters on February 7th, 7:00pm at Tin Man Brewing Company.

Sam will be reading excerpts from three of his "works": 

1.) Monster Madness (An illustrated book about Earth's takeover)

Monster Madness

2.) My Name Is Sam! (I'm not sure why I wasn't more creative with this title)

My Name is Sam

3.) The Most Horrible Day Ever (A story about his fake brother Mack who was a pretty mean dude, supposedly)

The Most Horrible Day Ever

Here's the Info Again for Those People Who Just Look For the Big Text:


Feb 7th. 

7:00pm (CST)


Tin Man Brewing Company

Be sure to get there early. Each person will read up to five minutes of their material, and you're not going to want to miss any of it.