AWW!! 5 Extra Touching Emails We Received Through Our Online Form

5 extra touching emails we received through our online form

Some people are just too nice! Here's a list of five genuinely inspiring emails we received through our online form. The world is wonderful place after all.

1.) It's not every day that we get sent a handful links that will almost definitely direct us to wonderful, inspiring content. Thanks Anili! Much Love!

russian email

2.) Rods and reels? Uh, HELLO?! That's our fucking joint. Thanks FishingEurek4c0m! Nothing fishy here!

3.) Aww! Fedortaw knows exactly how to make a guy laugh. If we could read this, I'm sure it would make our day. Thanks, Man!

russian email

4.) So. Awesome. We love getting more bang for our buck! Thanks AdulToySexCom for offering your necessary services! We'll be in touch!

sex email

5.) Oh NikehyDyeno, you've simply outdone yourself. You took time out of your day to write us something genuinely thoughtful. And once again, if we knew what it said, we'd definitely be blushing! Here's to a lifelong friendship!

 russian email