Be a Micro Influencer for Dead Ends Entertainment

Be a Micro Influencer for Dead Ends Entertainment

Do you like our products? Do you like deep discounts? Perfect. You should be a micro influencer for Dead Ends Entertainment. Here's how you can be exactly that.

First of all: What's a Micro Influencer?

A micro influencer is someone who consistently receives plenty of interaction and attention when they post photos and/or statuses. They exist on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and the main goal with each post is to get sales for the company / product they're posting about. And the best part is....YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM!

Dead Ends Entertainment is looking for a group of micro influencers to help spread our name across the social world.

What You Have to Do:

- Follow us on the social media platform of your choosing.

- Take a photo of you using / wearing / playing one of our products.

- Post it.

- Tag us.

- Email us at saying that you'd like to be one of our micro influencers.

- The more interaction your post gets, the more likely we'll be willing to give you a dope discount.

- You'll get a 50% discount on your next purchase. Whoa. Yes. 50%.

Post Examples:

1.) Snag a photo of you and your friends playing Rotten Plots. Tell the world how ridiculous it is.

2.) Take a selfie while wearing a state shirt. Tell the world how much you love your hometown....and us.

3.) Get a picture of you hanging and framing some of our wall art. Tell the world how inspired you are.

How Many Times You Can Do This:

- As many times as you want, and as many times as we say it's worth it.

Our Social Accounts:



Twitter: @DeadEndsEnt


So really, all we're asking is, "How deep do you like your discounts?"