Bullitt County Snags Theatrical Run and Distribution Deal

Bullitt County Theatrical Run

Bullitt County, the latest bourbon-infused action thriller from Mr. Pictures, will have a theatrical run at select AMC locations starting on October 26th. Pretty dope, huh?

So if you live in any of the cities mentioned below, mark your calendar, and don't be a loser who decides to bail at the last second. (Click city to view showtimes):


Los Angeles

Los Angeles (Another Theater)

New York City








Bullitt County will also be distributed on Video on Demand and DVD through Gravitas Ventures in February of 2019.
Check out the theatrical trailer here:

Sam, our co-founder, plays a total douchebag in this film, and we couldn't be more proud to be associated with this project. So here's the thing: If you feel the need to fully absorb the debauchery and vulgarity his formidable character displays in a public place, you'd need to see this masterpiece on the big screen.

So we sat down with David McCracken (Writer / Director / Actor) and Josh Riedford (Producer) to talk about the art of robbing liquor stores, the importance of friendship, and a little bit about the film itself in order to convince you to get off your ass and check it out in theaters. 

Here's how it went:
 Gordie and Carolyn

1.) Why did you decide to create Bullitt County? Is it based on a personal tragedy? Did you find the script written in Hebrew on an ancient scroll in the middle of a cave somewhere? Spill it. 

McCracken: It's based on redacted government secrets. If we told you, we'd have to kill you. And believe us, we really want to tell you.


2.) Describe Bullitt County in five words….or any amount of words. It really doesn’t matter to us. 

Riedford: Bourbon. Buried treasure. Butchery. Blood.
McCracken: It's a movie. Watch it.



3.) Bullitt County has won many prestigious awards. Which ones were they, and how many of them did you pay for? 

Riedford: Best Picture at six fests so far. Paid for monetarily, or....?

 Gordie and Wayne at Bar

4.) What are some other awards Bullitt County would win if the categories existed? (For example: “Best Behaved Extras,” “Best Knife-to-the-Throat Scene,” or “Most Appropriate Use of the Phrase ‘Kentucky Fuckin’”) 

McCracken: Best Movie that Didn't Not Say "Fuck" More Than 100 Times
Riedford: The Best Movie Not Featuring Nicolas Cage That Should Have Cast Nicolas Cage But Couldn't Afford Him But Still Ended Up Being a Good Movie



5.) What’s your favorite brand of bourbon, and how many times have you stolen it from the liquor store? Do you always steal it from the same place? 

McCracken: Let's just say Lenny on Camrose knows the deal. And it's Woodford. I've already said too much.
Riedford: These days I only drink bourbon distilled from the blood of endangered species and lost souls. Why, you want some?



6.) Josh, do you ever shout “Don’t worry, I’m a film producer” as you run out of the liquor store you just robbed? Do you typically get away with it? 

Riedford: Yes, I am Josh and not a skeleton in a human suit pretending to be human. I am a film producer. You can get away with anything you set your mind to.

Gordie's Gun to Keaton's Head


7.) Was there ever any fear that the audience would react negatively to Bullitt County? How did you subdue and/or manage that fear? Did you drown it with bourbon? Did you promise unlimited free snacks during the premiere? Fill us in. 

McCracken: No one can drown in bourbon. If you can, we'd love to see you try.
Riedford: No but seriously, try it. We dare you. We're going to drink the bourbon after you've drowned in it.
McCracken: Also, why would anyone react negatively to Bullitt County?
Riedford: Yeah! Who you been talkin' to? Huh? WHO ARE THEY?!?

8.) David, when Richard Riehle asked a scene-related question, did you ever scoff and just tell him to “jump to a conclusion” instead of providing actual direction? If you didn’t, do you wish you had done so? 

McCracken: The only direction I ever give is scoff-related. I like to demean the actors, it makes me feel like a goddess.

 Mr. Hitchens

9.) Who was your favorite aviator-wearing 215lb hunk that had a minor role in the film? Do you feel as though you could confidently call this person your friend? If this person was suddenly thrust into a deep and totally unwarranted financial rut that stemmed from a catastrophic situation which was no fault of his or her own, would you understand that unbearable pain and act on it by donating large sums of your own money via wire transfer? 

Riedford: If you're looking for money, check the classifieds this Sunday for specific buried treasure directions. Wink. Wait, did I just say "wink" out loud? Shit. Shit, I just said shit. Again. Sorry.


10.) Will all of your future creative endeavors involve alcohol and adventure? If they won’t, what will they involve? 

McCracken: Both. Alcohol leads to adventures. Don't let your parents tell you any different.
 Four Friends Look at Scrapbook - Bullitt County

11.) Where can we watch Bullitt County in theaters with hundreds of our closest friends? 

Riedford: Well assuming you actually had hundreds of friends, you could catch it at AMC Theatres nationwide, October 26th, or at Showplace Cinemas East for all our Evansville-dwelling super fans. Also, we have an exclusive engagement on the side of a whaling vessel in an as-yet-undisclosed location in the Pacific.

12.) It kind of seems like you don’t think we have that many friends. What’s that all about? 

McCracken: Well, um, we don't really like you so much, and we have ultra-low standards, so... who the hell is it that's calling you "friend," friendo?


13.) Why should we spend our free time watching Bullitt County in theaters? 

McCracken: There's a killer end credits scene with an Avengers 4 spoiler.



14.) Can we purchase tickets from the comfort of our own couch? Or should we shower up and head to the theaters to purchase them physically?

McCracken: DO NOT shower before the film. It adds to the 4D experience. Enjoy Bullitt County, you bunch of bastards.
Riedford: Or at least buy some merch so we can afford dinner later...


You heard 'em, punks. Don't let these artists starve. Watch Bullitt County in theatres. Filmmakers need dinner too.