Cringe Vid of the Week: John Daker and the Public Access Posse

John Daker and the Public Access Posse

John Daker

We somehow stumbled upon this gem around over five years ago, and we're unsure as to why "John Daker" hasn't become a household name yet. If you can suffer through his absolutely devastating rendition of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" and his gut-wrenching version of "Amore," there's no way you can avoid sharing it with your friends. Check it out.

Pearl Gross

It turns out that John Daker isn't the only one who can single-handedly bring about a total cringe-tastrophy. His friend Pearl Gross is stand up comedian. She loves her brother bob, and boy, she's definitely not afraid to tell you about it. Get your popcorn and puke bag ready. 

Bob Spencer

Check it out. It's Pearl's brother that she clearly wants to bone.

George Stanton

George! My Man! Here he is!

The Public Access Posse

Just when we thought we puked up everything we could, we realized that they weren't even close to being done. Here's the whole Public Access Posse bangin' out some more killer tunes.

John Daker Today

John Daker Lives!!! We couldn't be happier (or more afraid) that this man still exists.


Need some more cringe? Cool. We put all the worst words on a shirt, and now we're selling it. You should wear it.