Dead Ends Entertainment is Now On Spotify

Dead Ends Entertainment on Spotify

All your favorite Dead Ends Entertainment tunes are now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and all the other less-reputable streaming sites.

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It took us a while, but we finally decided that the world should be able to stream our beautiful tunes.

Drunk on God's Love

One day while working at a grocery store, Sam accidentally perpetuated the myth to a cashier that he was a "Christian Country musician" and that his most famous song was called "Drunk on God's Love." So he went home, wrote and record the whole song in one night, and brought her a CD of the song the next day to prove he "wasn't lying."

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Fucked by a Ghost

A few months ago, we joined a paranormal group on Facebook. That day, a woman asked if anyone had any experience with ghost intercourse. We decided to answer her via song.

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Here's to the Boys

This Irish drinking orgy song was written for gay pride month. It's as simple and beautiful as that.

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Last Halloween

This song is unfortunately still relevant.
It's about Bill Cosby...and Charlie Sheen...and Pudding Pops.

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