Dead Ends Entertainment Plans for 2018: A Search for New Dead Ends

Plans for 2018: Dead Ends EntertainmentStart a Podcast:

We've always been interested in starting a podcast. Well, really, we're just passionate about yelling our opinions at each other. So we figured that we might as well start recording it. However, until now, we've always been preoccupied with creating other ridiculous products and posts while ignoring our innermost desires. That shit changes NOW.  We've committed ourselves (..kind of) to at least trying out the process. So If you have something weird or comical you'd like to hear us rant about at length, hit us up at and toss us some thoughts. Sam gets angry and stutters like an idiot no matter what he talks about. So at the very least, you'll be able to laugh at him about that. 

Create Some Print & Play Games:

As the stock dwindles for Rotten Plots, the card game we self-published, we're becoming aware of a few things: While it's extremely rewarding to be able to sell physical games we've created, we'd be lying if we said the marketing required to sell these games didn't get in the way of sellable content creation. 

So we're thinking about creating a few ridiculous games that you can download and cut out yourself. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? We don't particularly care either way, because we've already made up our minds. We're doing it.

Create More Videos / Short Films:

While we don't have as much experience as we'd like in realm of videography, we're going to try our best to work in some dynamic content in our blog and social posts to keep the ADHD kids interested. We've also wanted to start scoring some short films. And since we, again, have almost no experience, we're going to have to start somewhere. That somewhere is Evansville, IN. What will we film? Heck, bud. We don't know yet. But we have some ideas, and we know that at least one of you will think some of them are funny.


Get Rich as Fuck and Travel the World While Ignoring Incoming Purchases and Shipping Duties:

While we appreciate all the business we get from our hardcore fans and our random customers, we'd love to get to the point where we can ignore the fuck out of all incoming orders, say "screw it" to shipping what was purchased, and just travel the world living in sin.


Any Ideas?

Is there anything that you think would be an appropriate comical endeavor for Dead Ends? Street Interviews? Comedy Shows? What are your thoughts? We're always looking to broaden our horizons further into the realm of nowhere, so keep us posted at