Disgusting. We Put Santa Hats on Serial Killers, and They STILL Aren't Happy (8 Photos)

Disgusting. We put santa hats on serial killers and they Still aren't happy

We put Santa hats on the most notorious serial killers in history, and believe it or not, they still weren't happy. What a shame. Some people never change.

1.) Dahmer just looks hungry. No Christmas spirit here.

2.) Ted Bundy genuinely hates Christmas. We asked him.

3.) This guy just looked like a serial killer. The Santa hat isn't even helping.

4.) I think ol' Eddie Gein here would rather be wearing a human skin hat.

5.) This is Albert Fish. He looks like he just killed a guy. He probably did.

6.) Jack the Ripper wouldn't even let us put a Santa hat on him.

7.) H.H. Holmes tried to kill one of our editors. I guess we shouldn't say "tried" though, since he definitely succeeded. Oh well.

8.) Gacy doesn't clown around. He wasn't even a little bit cool about this whole thing.