Emily Durchholz - An Artist Interview

Emily Durchholz - Viridian

We sat down with Emily Durchholz, an Evansville native, and asked her some hard-hitting questions about her inspirations, her upcoming projects, and her love for Kid Rock. So read on, hunks and babes. There's a lot to soak up.

1.) Hey Emily.

Hello Samuel Agnes Kuban.

2.) After some thorough profile stalking, we’ve learned that you’ve snagged the lead role in Viridian, an upcoming film about an actress who feigns communications with the dead for profit. Is that true? And would you feel comfortable living that kind of lifestyle in real life?

It may or may not be true, stalker! Okay, yes, it is true! Dott is an aspiring actress trying to scrape by with her friend Oscar (played by the incomparable Kevin Roach) by finding recent widows and “contacting” their late husbands. To find out more, come to the premiere at the end of June!

I think that I have some moral objections to some of my characters (Dott) choices. I would definitely make up stuff that dead people were saying to me for a free cup of coffee though, as long as all parties involved knew I was joking.

3.) Have you ever spoken to a medium? Did he/she tell you anything scary? Did he/she say anything about me?

I haven’t spoken with a medium, but did speak with a fortuneteller named Dave when I visited New Orleans in 2016. He told me to focus on my career and that everything else will fall into place, which I guess is a little scary. I trust him because Dave is also the name of my cat. He unfortunately didn’t say anything about you (neither Dave the fortuneteller nor Dave the cat).


4.) Describe Viridian in five words. Or describe it in any amount of words you want, because it makes absolutely no difference to us.

Go. To. The. Premiere. It. Will. Be. Cool. Way. Cool. Spooky. Flappers. THE Kevin Roach. Kerosene Lanterns. Mean Girls. STEP ON IT.

5.) What’s the most annoying thing that happened during the filming of this project? What’s your favorite phrase to yell when you’re frustrated in times like this?

It would probably be the trains that ran through Terre Haute when we were trying to film a night scene outside. Typically when I get frustrated I just sing something really loudly, whether it be a loud high note or something menacing from Sweeny Todd or another dark musical… I might be a little odd.

6.) How frequently do you you ask yourself “What would Meryl Streep do?”

I ask myself that ALL the time! I more frequently ask myself “What would Lin-Manuel Miranda do?”

7.) We’ve seen you sing in quite a few performances, and you’ve absolutely killed it every single time. How often do you sing around the house for no reason? Is it annoying to other people? Or do they love it? How do they typically respond?

Thank you!! I seriously sing ALL THE TIME- songs that I make up, songs from musicals, My Chemical Romance to Garth Brooks to Judy Garland. Sometimes I annoy my family if I’m singing loudly in a confined space (like in the car), but more often than not they’re entertained. My brothers will sometimes join in, like if I sing a note, they’ll sing the third and then the fifth, or the whole family will start singing from a musical we like… I’m making us sound like the Von Trapp family…

Basically I’m that typical musical theatre kid that will sing about what I’m doing, or if someone says a phrase that is sung in a musical, I’ll sing it or sing the next phrase.

8.) Are there any local artists outside of your creative field who inspire you? Or no?

Absolutely! My cousin Adam Wagner is an amazing painter and designer who has had his work shown at First Fridays in Haynie’s Corner as well as at the Arts Council and other venues across the tri state.

This is Art

My sister, Elaine Durchholz Sowell, is an artist of many mediums, but one of her most amazing feats to date was her crocheted wedding dress that she designed and made in 3 months last year.

This is a Dress

Although she’s not necessarily local anymore, Ashley Frary Lutz’s art still hangs in many local businesses and homes, and her most recent time-lapse video reminded me of her amazing talent all over again. If you have never checked out their work, please check them out on Facebook!

9.) If you were forced to sing a Kid Rock song at a Karaoke bar, which one would you choose? How far do you think you’d make it before throwing the microphone down and running off the stage in anger?

I guess it would have to be “All Summer Long” or “Picture”. I’m a professional, so I would stick it out. hair toss

10.) Would you sing karaoke with us? Please?

Duh! (Fun fact, Evansville Civic Theatre periodically holds Karaoke on the main stage as a fundraiser and it is a blast and a half! They provide a cash bar through Sauced, so you can get sauced and sing your heart out to Les Miz or whatever else makes your soul soar!)

11.) From what we can tell, you’re pretty obsessed with Hamilton, the musical, which is definitely understandable. What kind of unspeakable things would you do to Lin-Manuel Miranda?

I’d be like, “Lin, LMM, my man. Can we collaborate on a project together?” And then we’d make something amazing together and throw it on a stage and everyone will be forever changed. No, not like that.

12.) What is your dream role? How mad would you be if I stole it from you?

Oh dang, this is a hard question! I’d love to play Viola in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, Natasha in “Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812”, Nina in “The Seagull”. I’d be sad for a bit, but I’d shake it off.

13.) Do you plan on staying in Evansville, or are you planning to leave us all for the big city? Also, can you give us an approximation as to when you'll become famous? We'd like to know when we can repost this interview. Day and Date, please.

I don’t plan on staying in Evansville for much longer. I’ll actually be hitting the road again with Missoula Children’s Theatre in June. After that contract, the possibilities are endless! I’ll likely reach famous status on June 29th, 2018 when Viridian premieres in Terre Haute (be there!).

14.) Where and when can we watch Viridian? Will there be any viewing options for people who are simply too lazy to make it to the world premiere?

The Gold Carpet Premiere will be June 29th at The Indiana Theatre in Terre Haute, with doors opening at 6:00pm to the public. Tickets are $15 general admission, $12 for seniors/students. There will be several musical performances before the actual screening, so be sure to get there early! We’re not sure yet when a digital release of the film will happen, but our director Mikael Drobny plans to submit Viridian to several film festivals, including The Heartland Film Festival.

15.) Is there anything else you’d like to add? For example, maybe a time and a place where you’d like to do Kid Rock karaoke with us, and/or maybe an example of what the viewers should be wearing upon arrival to the Viridian world premiere.

Um, let’s just do Hamilton Karaoke sometime when I’m back from tour. Viridian is set in the 20’s, so slick your hair and wear your buckle shoes, old sport! 20’s attire is encouraged, or you can dress as your favorite Wizard of Oz character (why? Come to the premiere to find out!).