Cringe Vid of the Week - A Gushers Food Review Video from Six Years Ago

Hey. Ever heard of Gushers? Of course you have. Ever eaten Gushers? Yeah. Definitely. Ever felt the need watch someone eat them for you? Of course not.

Well, it doesn't fucking matter, because this kid did it anyway.

And we're pissed. Watch the video and be pissed with us.

Turns out this kid grew up a little bit and made some more gut-wrenching food reviews of basic stuff everyone in the world has eaten a thousand times in the last year alone. We watched every single second of every single one of these cringe-tastrophies. Here's the worst one. It's almost 15 minutes long, and we would have rather been sentenced to life in prison than watch this hell-beast of a cringe video a second time. It's as juicy as they come. So good luck. Maybe we'll see you on the other side.


How far did you make it? Are you still alive? Cool. Here's another one.


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