INSPIRING. We Have the Same Bigfoot Costume as the Guy in "Fishing Naked"

At least once a week, we accidentally get drunk and scour through our streaming services for some sasquatch-related movies we can hate-watch. We don't know why we have a such an incredible passion for watching terrible Bigfoot movies, but it's something we do quite frequently.

In this case, we stumbled upon a Bigfoot hoax movie called "Fishing Naked." We were initially super interested, mostly because it has always been a dream of ours to get in the national spotlight for faking a Sasquatch sighting. This movie was bad, but unfortunately, it wasn't bad enough for us to continue watching it.

However, we did watch ten full minutes, and we can at least respect the fact that the film's creators were quite thrifty. How do we know, you ask? Well, they have the same Bigfoot costume as we do, and we know exactly how much it costs. 

We'd like to note that we had the costume first. And not that it's a competition or anything, but if it was, we'd be the winners. Just saying.

While we're talking about Bigfoot, check out Smashquatch. It's the critically acclaimed video series we made in which we wear that exact same Bigfoot costume and smash a whole bunch of expensive shit with a sledgehammer. Here's one episode where Smashquatch destroys a goddamn piano.


Anyway, here's the trailer for "Fishing Naked," 2015 movie that has been watched by a total of six people and has been forgotten by just as many: