Lengthened Titles of Super Popular TV Shows

Tv Shows

Here are some lengthened titles of super popular television shows. There's no real reason why we lengthened them, but we did it anyway, and that's just something that you're going to have to deal with.

Not only Will, but Also Grace

Will & Grace

The Sun Will Forever Be Shining In This Very Large City in Eastern Pennsylvania

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Still Trying To Be Found


A Violent Tournament for the Coveted and Very Fancy Chair

Game of Thrones

Things That Are Much More Strange Than Many Other Things

Stranger Things

A Woodland Creature Who isn't Quite An Adult Yet

Teen Wolf

A Sky Realm That is Supposedly Pretty Decent, I Guess

The Good Place

A Couple of Mountains That Are Pretty Close To Each OtherTwin PeaksSomeone Should Probably Get Saul on the Phone Right Now

Better Call Saul