"Let's Play A Freakin' Board Game" with Mark Cashwell : An Event For the Ages...All Ages

Let's Play A Freakin' Board Game

We sat down with Mark Cashwell to talk about his upcoming improvisational event, "Let's Play a Freakin' Board Game," as well as a bunch of other weird things that are extremely important. We're super psyched that our game Rotten Plots will be involved, and we couldn't be more thankful that Mark promised to be our life-long friend, regardless of how the event turns out. 


Can you tell us a little bit about the event "Let's Play a Freakin' Board Game," and a lot about your life's biggest regret?

This year at the Indyfringe festival, I put together a one-person show where I play board games with improvised rules with audience members. Think of the classic games, with the classic mechanics. Roll dice, go "x" number of spaces, pull a card type stuff. Not this time! Now when you land on a space you might have to perform a pantomime, answer a trivia question, or insert random challenge here. I want people to have fun with each other and share an experience with their fellow audience member…also there are drinking rules, because almost every game I've played we would incorporate a drinking rule. So why not this time too?! Biggest regret is not investing Bitcoin!!!


Where should we show up? How old do we need to be? Can we bring our grandparents? Is there anything else we should bring?

The show will be performed for one night only at CSz Indianapolis at 721 Mass Ave (SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8TH). Audience members should be 17+. Drinking rules can apply to root beer for those who can’t purchase adult beverages that will also be for sale.
Grandparent approved! Bring a sense of fun and curiosity and willingness to step outside your comfort zone if you are one of the chosen players. And in general, be encouraging. In improv, we abide by the rule of “yes, and”. Don’t yuck, someone’s yum!


How many board games do you own, and how many sets of Connect-4 have you smashed to pieces and thrown against a wall after losing to your 6-year-old cousin?

At least a good 20 or so? Funny enough, at Dave & Busters, they have a giant Connect 4 game for this very reason. So as much as I lose to my friends, I can at least get tickets at the end and trade 'em in for sympathy candy!

Would you rather play Monopoly alone for 12 straight hours or with three Kid Rocks for 20 minutes?

The longest game of Monopoly I've ever played was a good 4-5 hours? I'm very competitive and the best thing about that game is the trading aspects and the “house rules” that are unofficial rules that everyone keeps. Like the free parking rule. Everyone I’ve ever played with has this as a collection of all penalty money that would go to the bank but instead to that person who landed on Free Parking. These types of rules were actually the inspiration for the show. Traditional rules can be very stagnant and make the game drone on. During the show, it's the same concept of the game without all that messy stuff to make it drone on!


Interesting. Have you ever secretly murdered someone while playing the game Clue? Did they ever figure out it was you? Are you currently serving prison time?

Only the character I created for the “host” Detective AL…Catchum.
They did. With a punny name like that I was awarded a medal of honor!


Understood. Have you ever sunk an actual battleship? Or do you just fantasize about it, like the rest of us?

Battleship? Nope. Submarine sandwich? Oh you know so!


You and me both, man!

Well, you heard him, hunks and babes. Show up! The entire board game industry is counting on you. This is your time to either shine or be remembered as the punk who totally bailed and ruined game night.

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