Oddball Creative: WEird WORKs - An Agency Interview

 Oddball Creative Interview

We sat down with Oddball Creative to talk about their production methods, their interesting services, night terrors, and their undying obsession with Celine Dion. 


First things first. You're the guys who do all the fancy computer stuff, right?  

Absolutely! We have been using computers for a long time. Actually, my dad works at Microsoft, and he can get you banned.


What makes Oddball Creative Odd? And what's the weirdest creative project you've brought to fruition thus far?

The name kind of came to me in the middle of one of my night terrors. Think sleep paralysis, but with your father in the corner saying you’ll never make it. I was like, “Dang, that was odd. Whoa, odd is kinda cool for a business name.”


Your slogan says two things: "Weird Works" and "We Work." Did you know that?

I actually just spilled coke on my keyboard, so the shift key kind of sticks, but that's pretty awesome if you ask me!


What kind of music is typically playing in the office? Any Celine Dion?

I just listen to some classical arrangements, but Charlie likes Mongolian Throat Singing.


Do you work with only local businesses? Or would you work with businesses all around the U.S.? Have you ever worked professionally with Celine Dion?

We work with businesses in Owensboro, Evansville, San Francisco, and pretty much anywhere people want us. We currently are not working with Celine Dion, and her lawyer has asked us to stop claiming that.


Could an ad that says "Don't Click Here" get a ton of clicks?

No. That would never work. We have an article about that actually: DON'T CLICK HERE


Have you ever had to turn down a client for being too weird? If not, what are your limits? Do you have any?

We will never turn down a client for having strange ideas, it is actually preferred! We have no limits, just like the federal debt ceiling.


How many times have you tried contacting Celine Dion's representatives to try to secure her as a client?

Twice. The Cease and Desist has prevented further contact.


Were you ever called "Oddball" as a child? Do you ever insult children? Is that against company policy?

I was really weird, and yes we occasionally insult children, but it's usually an accident. We were really giving it to this gentleman at the liquor store only to find out that it was 3 kids in a trench coat.


What do you do when a client makes a negative comment about Celine Dion or any of her releases during a business meeting?

We send them to the Chokey.


Check out the Oddball Creative Website: www.oddballcreative.agency