Rotten Plots: Now Available at The Book Broker (Evansville, IN)

Rotten Plots at the Book BrokerRotten Plots, our obscene, movie-making party game, is now available at The Book Broker in Evansville, IN.

Not super interested is paying for shipping? Do you want to play tonight? Then you need to get your dirty little punk ass over to the Book Broker and buy yourself a copy. 

It's a perfect game to play with your shitty and morally ambiguous friends. Do you want something that takes the vulgarity of Cards Against Humanity to the next level while also stimulating your creativity? Sweet, dude. Here you go. It's just waiting for you on the shelf. So go pick up the game and be the life of the party for once.

Rotten Plots FAQ:

How Many People Can Play?

3-10, or you can just read the cards to yourself if you have no friends.

Is There Any Strategy Involved?

Barely. You can be completely hammered and still win this game. Is that what you're asking?

Are There Extra Decks?

Fuck yes. But you have to print and cut them out, because we aren't ready to waste money on printing those on card stock yet. Check out all the extra decks here.

Can I Play This With My Mother?


Can My Business Sell Rotten Plots?

Most likely! Email us at, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Want to order the game?