Smashquatch - Season 1 (All Five Videos)


For those of you you haven't had the privilege of watching us dress up like Sasquatch and smash expensive things, we put all the videos together in one post so that you can binge the hell out of it. That's right. Here's all eight minutes of Smashquatch: Season 1.


Since the release of these videos, we've people have asked us if we'll smash their items they no longer want. The answer is basically always "yes." So If you have something that you would like to watch get destroyed by a chubby dude in a Bigfoot costume, hit us up here. Who knows? Maybe your piece of shit fridge or torn up couch will be in the next season of Smashquatch.


If you've become obsessed with watching us smash a bunch of shit with a sledgehammer while wearing a Sasquatch costume, you deserve a discount. Use the discount code "smashit" to get 15% off the Smashquatch shirt (today only):