The Lizzie Borden House is For Sale, and if You're A Psycho, You Should Buy it

Lizzie Borden House

Lizzie Borden's ultra-mega-murder-mansion is located in Fall River, Massachusetts, and if you enjoy feeling like you're going to die every second you're alive, you should consider purchasing it. 

Check it Out Here

We should note that this house isn't the same one that she supposedly killed Andrew and Abby Borden in. She was acquitted of the murders and spent the rest of her days here in this home that is now obviously a hellish horror palace. So if you're into screaming your lungs out in terror, don't worry. There still has to be a pretty pissed off poltergeist hanging around, totally ready to push you down the stairs and write your name in blood on the wall or whatever. 

Kristee Bates is asking for a hefty $849,900 for the spook shack. So it's totally up to you, I guess.  Would you pay someone almost a million dollars to be constantly on the verge of shitting your pants? Or would you rather live comfortably in your current home and not wake up at 3:00am every single night to the sounds of screaming and a goddamn ghost watching you sleep?

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