The Whole World is Terrified of Tim Burton's Dumbo, Mostly Because Everyone is Very Very Stupid

Disney recently released set photo of Tim Burton's Dumbo, and the entire world got together and decided that it was absolutely terrifying. Why? Because everyone is ridiculously stupid and equally obsessed with getting retweets from equally irrational people. Here's the photo of the tiny, cuddly elephant puppet that is making idiots shit their pants:

Wow! Now that's fucking terrifying!

Sure, the movie itself will most likely end up being a little creepy and quirky since that's what Tim Burton does best. But freaking out about a simple baby animal set piece is probably not worth anyone's time. One might argue that writing about being annoyed at people who are afraid of a set piece is also a waste of time. But that person would be dead wrong.

About the Movie

Important Cast Members:

Michael Keaton, Colin Ferrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, and a seemingly gentle animal with an insatiable lust for blood and devastation.

How Many of These Actors are Currently Living in Fear of this Creature:


Release Date:

Dumbo is set to be released to theaters on March 29, 2019. So you could either stay up all night every night for an entire year, worrying about the terror this soft puppet will release unto the world on the debut. Or you could just forget about the movie until it's released, then go see it in theaters like a normal person.

What do you think? Is this blue-eyed, lovable creature worthy of nightmares? Could this baby elephant make a grown man cower in fear? The answer is no. But you should still tell us your thoughts.