Unawarewolf - An Artist Interview

Unawarewolf: An Artist Interview


Unawarewolf, the Owensboro-based indie rock outfit, has released their brand new EP, "Unique Ways of Falling." It's not every day that we get to interview a musical group made-up of actual mythical creatures. I mean, we only discover a band like this once in a blue moon...or full moon, rather. So we sat down with them to discuss everything fans could possibly want to know about this trio of howlers, from their preferred production methods to their favorite clothes to wear during their occasional transformations into terrifying night beasts. 


Are you truly an oblivious & mystical woodland creature? Or are you lying to us all?

Look, I don’t come onto your site and ask you if you are truly moist or just a big poser, so I’d appreciate it if we could stick to actual questions pertaining to music and not werewolves.

If you had to describe your music to an elderly person or forest creature, do you think they’d hear what you said the first time? Would you bother explaining a second time?

I really can’t help but feel like you are trying to push the werewolf thing. But to answer your question, I would probably tell them that it sounds like a heavy metal version of the 2017 hit single “Despacito,” and if they didn’t understand what I was talking about then fuck them.

Which Teen Wolf film inspired you most during the creation of this EP? Teen Wolf or Teen Wolf 2? Why?

I have never watched either of those honestly. I hear they are pretty good films, but I just never really got around to watching them. And holy shit I just realized those are movies about werewolves after I googled them. What kind of interview is this? Did you even listen to the songs?

How much of your music is written and recorded in the woods after you’ve transformed into a beast of the night? Or do you have a home studio? Have you ever broken any recording equipment mid-transformation?

For this shit I will play your stupid little game a pretend to be a werewolf. Yes I break equipment all the time, and we can never wear matching outfits because we keep ripping out of them, and honestly it has gotten really expensive. Our album was entirely self produced in my house in the same room where I rub my own thighs while watching Mulan 2 in a sad attempt to feel human again.

Is this what you want? Is this really how you wanted this to go? Fuck You.

Does the name of your EP reflect your personal experiences? Can you describe some ways in which you have fallen uniquely? Does it have to do with trying to maintain your balance and composure while raging through the woods at full speed in the middle of the night in a body that feels like it’s not your own?

I think you took the title a little too literal, but yes I have had some pretty crazy falls. One time I fell off my moped on a grassy hill when I was 15 and cut my foot on the kick stand. I can attach a photo of the scar if you want. Just don’t put it on any of those weird fetish sites please. We had hoped people would see it as unique ways of falling in and out of love, because we are all a bunch of emo kids.

Do you only play during full moons? Or can we watch you perform at non-mystical establishments during regular human hours?

We prefer to play during full moons because that is when our power levels are the highest. We also like to encourage people to charge their healing crystals during the set as a nice ritual for everyone involved. You can come to our EP release show September 7th at The Creme in Owensboro.

As you feel the initial throbs of your transformation into what is undoubtedly the most powerful and seductive forest monster, what clothes do you typically find yourself ripping off your swelling, aching body? American Eagle sweaters? Tapout tanks? Biker jackets?

By far the most satisfying thing I have ever ripped out of mid transformation is a green morph suit, because the polyester really stretches. When it finally rips, it shoots off my rugged wolf body like a slingshot.

Now that you got us all kinds of hot and bothered, would you mind if we streamed your jams?

Please do so I can feel like this was at least worth some of my time. We are on every major platform, but we could use some help boosting our Spotify so check us out there.