We Applied To Be The Next Bachelor Four Times as Brian O'Hooligan and Once as Lenny Kravitz

Brian O'Hooligan

Who is Going to be The Next Bachelor, You Ask?

We've officially applied to become America's most sought-after sexual superstar under the name Brian O'Hooligan. Then we applied three more times within thirty-minutes as the same man, and then once again as Lenny Kravitz to show Chris Harrison we mean business.
After extensive research, we feel as though all five applicants possess the unparalleled sex appeal, hypnotic charisma, and magnetic charm that The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, has been looking for since the inception of the televised match-making phenomena. 
So Chris, instead of giving deadbeats, losers, and virgins a pedestal they don't deserve, why not give the opportunity of a lifetime to one of these beautiful hunks instead?


Applicant 1: Brian O'Hooligan

Brian the next Bachelor


Applicant 2: Brian O'Hooligan

Brian the next bachelor


Applicant 3: Brian O'Hooligan

Brian the next Bachelor


Applicant 4: Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz the next Bachelor


Applicant 5: Brian O'Hooligan

Brian the next Bachelor


Well Chris, I think it's safe to say your work here is done. We can't wait to see which applicant you choose to be the next Bachelor!

Which Brian would YOU vote for?

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