You Can Now Play Rotten Plots at The Rook OTR in Cincinnati

The Rook OTR - Cincinnati


You can now play Rotten Plots at The Rook OTR in Cincinnati. So if you live anywhere nearby, grab a couple of your least ethically sound friends, and go play it for a few hours.

There's nothing more enjoyable than getting a whole bunch of laughs out of a game you didn't even have to pay for. So why not schedule a game night and come up with hundreds of ridiculous movie plots with your psycho friends?

Don't live in Cincinnati? Here are your options:

1.) Move to Cincinnati.

2.) Drive to Cincinnati.

3.) Check out the list of other places where you can play Rotten Plots for free.

4.) Email us the name of a place near you where you think they'd let you play board games. Maybe we'll send a copy.