Here's A List of Our Friends Who Do Cool Things For Cool People. Check Them Out!


Learning DnD

Learning D&D is an online handbook for all things Dungeons and Dragons. The goal of Learning D&D is to gather all of the best information on Dungeons & Dragons in one place and make it easy to use. Josh, the creator, wants to make DM’s games go quicker and players to have the answers they need about their characters.


Mr. Pictures

MR. PICTURES is the brainchild of longtime collaborators David McCracken (writer/director/actor) and Josh Riedford (producer/composer/actor). It is the result of many years of independent filmmaking, driven by passion for the craft and the desire to dream big and push boundaries.

Don't Quit Your Daydream

A podcast for people with skills, hobbies, passions, and dreams. Founders: Nathan Boerner, Farrin Davis, and Drew Broadbent. 


Grinding Daisies

An art and culture alternative publication for Evansville, Indiana.  Grinding Daisies is a magazine written by the city we live in.


Owensboro Digital

Owensboro Digital wants to guide you to marketing success through their effective digital techniques. They offer videography, photography, website design, social media management, and consultation to perfect your message and reach the audience you desire.




Gaming news, culture, and tournaments from the team at GeekTyrant, your source for geek culture.