Carefully Curated Canadian Information for the Intrigued American.

Do you thirst for truth about The Great White North? Do you lust for knowledge of the forbidden frontier? Are you a resident of the United States of America? Good. Look no further, my dear, curious comrade. 

With sheer determination as our only companion, we trek through the mysterious northern realm day and night, selecting for our astute audience only the most highly-sophisticated Canadian information and delivering it directly to your digital doorstep.

Welcome to CanadaOnline.Us.

Welcome to the Lumberjack Country, ON THE WEB!

We get our hands sticky so you don't have to. We get our boots wet so you can stay dry. We cross the border and hike to the highest peaks of the Maple Mountains in search of truth so you can stay in the sanctity of the first world, the comfort of your own bed. We're on a journey, spiritual and physical, and we're asking you to do nothing but bask in the educational enlightenment of our glorious findings.

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