Jobs / Internships

Creative Comedic Guerrilla Marketer (Internship)

We're looking for a creative, energetic, friendly, and most importantly, funny person to help us grow our company organically through weird, creative, and sometimes obnoxious street marketing tactics in exchange for free merchandise and a platform for their comedic efforts. 

Essentially, we're looking for influencers who want to help be a part of the only comedy and entertainment company in Evansville. You don't need to have 15 million Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers. You simply need to have the drive to sell funny shit to all your friends. 

Total Transparency:
As Facebook and Google Ad algorithms are constantly changing (and since we currently don't have the funds to keep up with dwindling ROI that always happens to be the result) we are relying less on sponsored posts and more on absurd, creative means to sell shit to people who care about comedy and weird stuff.

We'll be hosting comedy events, creating new products, comedy events.


Creative Partnerships

We're always interested in partnerships. If you think we could work together, send your idea to, and we'll respond as soon as we can!